Commercial airlines are basically selling elaborate suites, private apartments and seats to make first class a lot more luxurious than ever before. Yet, flying private stays the most convenient and luxurious way to travel, it is because of the range of advantages that first class will never meet.

Hiring a charter jet provides you the liberty to fly whenever you want, wherever you want, in a setting specifically designed to meet your personal needs and desires. While the experience of riding with a private jet is undeniably plush, the advantages cover more than just luxury. The following are some of the benefits of traveling on a charter jet:

1. Land Closer to Your Destination

When you ride a private jet, you will be able to choose the arrival and departure terminals. If you are living close to a small private airfield or airport, you are free to leave from there as well as avoid the heavy traffic at a busy field. And once you depart, your hired charter jet can land at any airport nearest to your destination site. Because of this, you can spend a lot of time in your last destination with lesser time to get there.

2. Choose Whatever Cuisine You Desire

Whether you are craving haute cuisine with lo mein and kung pao chicken or a champagne from your favorite departure site, the menu on board is completely up to you.

3. No Lengthy Layovers

Do not be limited by the flight schedule of your airline. A private jet can directly get you wherever you want. This means that no more spending hours just to kill time between flights or sleeping at the airport. And if you are running late, there is no need to rush through the airport. The private jet will wait for you this time.

4. You Can Bring Your Pet with You

Bringing your pet on a long flight can induce anxiety for both of you. That is if you can bring your pet with you. Not all commercial flights permit an animal on board or charge you with a huge amount of money instead. On a charter jet, however, your pet may sit beside you, enjoying the same degree of comfort you do.

5. Leave Anytime You Want

A commercial flight sticks to a fixed schedule which is always delayed by external factors. The most usual cause of delays in flight is not the weather condition – it is the late arrival of an airplane. When you fly with a hired private jet, you will be the one to choose the time of departure which is very convenient for you and not the airline’s.

6. Choose Your Desired Airplane and its Interior

Flying private gives you several options of sizes as well as luxury interiors and also you decide which suit you the best. The tips above will give you some more details on what the interior of a charter jet looks like. But, if you want to know more about what type of private jet to hire for your upcoming trip, visit a private jet United States service provider.