Another holiday season has passed and we’re in the middle of welcoming a new decade and probably being in a war. However, your Christmas tree still sits in your living area and it’s not becoming greener now. The longer you keep it, the more branches will fall off, which you’ll be needing to vacuum or sweep up from your floor. If this is the first time you’ve put up a real Christmas tree, know that disposing of it is actually an easy process. However, you should still need to consider some things. To make the process simple for first-timers, check out the items below: 

Check the tree 

Make sure that then entire decorations and ornaments you placed on your tree are removed before you begin to get rid of a Christmas tree from your property. When you’re taking them off the tree, there are times when you miss a decoration or two. So, it’s recommended to use a flashlight to make sure that the limbs of your trees inside are properly lit. Make sure not to miss any Christmas lights on the tree before you dispose of it completely. When you have checked it all over and you have removed everything, prepare to remove the tree. 

Clear a path 

Though this step is quite commonsensical, a lot of people actually fail to do this. Since you put up your Christmas tree in your home, they might’ve been a few changes in the path. Hence, you just need to clear a path as you ensure that you have eliminated everything along the way, which could obstruct the way and causes your furniture to be broken. Get rid of the things that can make you trip over and familiarize the uneven surface and steps. Or you can opt to have someone guide you while you remove your tree from your house. 

Prepare your tree to be disposed of 

Depending on where you are living and the regulations of trash removal services, the way you must dispose of your Christmas tree will differ. Once you live in a condominium or an apartment complex, there might be dumpsters that are assigned to your area where you can throw your tree in. But if you are living in a residential space, it will depend on the company that offers waste hauling near you. Other services will require you to cut your Christmas tree into multiple sections for you to throw it away in your trash bin. Others would want your Christmas tree to be wrapped in a plastic bag once you plan to have it picked up by them. While some may be alright if you just leave your Christmas tree on the curbside without preparing something for it.  

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